Rev Transcription Review – Using Rev for Better Blogging

What if you could get someone to create great content for you blog?

A Quick Rev Transcription Review.   You can't outsource article writing, or you'll end up with a blog post that even you will not want to read, but you can outsource the TYPING of you content.  It's Awesome, and Makes Blogging much more fun....

Enter.... --- Rev Transcription Review is a service that does transcription.  They will transcribe a video or audio file for $1 a minute.  That's right, only a single dollar per minute.  This is outrageous, and amazing.  Let's see how this works.

Start with a Video (or Audio)

When I do a Blog post, I usually make a Powerpoint file first, and then record the Powerpoint with Camtasia to create a video.  You can do the same thing by recording a webinar, or even recording a Periscope session.  Then just send the recording to  A few hours (or minutes) later, you will get a Word document from that contains every word that you said in your recording.  Pretty cool...

Turn the Transcript into a Blog Post

Since the transcript has every word in the recording, you can't just post it (you could, but it would look really bad).  So now, just bring up the Word Document and Re-read your transscript and turn it into Blog content.   You can make sure you include your best keywords, and put some H2 tags and an image to make it pretty, but you will create blog content in 10 minutes that would take over an hour to type up.  What's your time worth?

Watch this Video for a Live Demonstration of

In this short video, I'm going to upload a 9 minute recording to and demonstrate how quickly and professionally they can turn the video into text.  Then, I'll show you how I turn the text into a Blog Post.  Enjoy!