How Great Pay-Per-Click Marketing Moves Customers through Your Conversion Funnel

Can Pay-Per-Click management move your customers through your conversion funnel? The simple answer is, "yes!" Before we delve deeper into how Pay-Per-Click management can be used to move people through your funnel, we need to be clear on what each of the terms means.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a marketing strategy in which you only pay when your potential client does a certain action. This is different than traditional marketing such as cold calling, billboards, or radio and television advertising. With Pay-Per-Click management, you can target specific people you believe are your ideal customers and not have to pay for those you knew to have no interest in your products.

The next term we need to review is conversion funnel. Your conversion funnel is how you get your potential customer from finding you all the way down to making a sale or repeated sales.

Now that we have a better understanding of both Pay-Per-Click marketing and conversion funnels, let's explore how these two can work hand-in-hand.


The first key to great Pay-Per-Click marketing and moving your customers through your conversion funnel is awareness. By using Pay-Per-Click management, you can target potential customers based on your current ideal customer. Is your ideal customer a college-aged female from the Midwest? If so, you can use Pay-Per-Click marketing to get in front of those women for your specific keywords. As these young ladies become exposed to your ads, you will gain their awareness.

Interest in Product

Through Pay-Per-Click marketing analytics, you can track how many of your targeted customers saw your ad but didn't click on your ideal desired action. How do you target them better? By making sure your ad gets in front of them again. For example, let's say your original ad attracted an ideal client to click on your website, but the individual clicked off your site before purchasing. You should then figure out how to remarket to that individual.


The next way that Pay-Per-Click marketing can move your customers down your sales funnel is to get that customer to resonate with your products. Speak to those women and only those women. You need to niche down your website so that when your ideal customer lands on your site via your Pay-Per-Click marketing campaign, she will instantly know you understand her and can resolve her problem.


The fifth way that Pay-Per-Click management can move your customers through your conversion funnel is by actually getting them to buy your product or service. When they do, your Pay-Per-Click marketing campaign has succeeded.


However, your Pay-Per-Click management campaign does not have to stop there. Many businesses are missing the next point. You’ve already made a customer out of the person. Don’t waste that opportunity. Re-engage the person with more marketing opportunities to make that next sale. Make the person a long-term customer.

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