Pay-Per-Click Management


 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) = Guaranteed Traffic

Many businesses utilize PPC to create leads and drive traffic to their website or business.  At Niche.Builders, we have extensive PPC experience.  Most businesses that are utilizing PPC fall into one of the follow two categories:

  • They have a few PPC ads running with a daily budget, but the ads are being managed in house (or not at all).
  • They have a Pay-Per-Click consulting firm running their ads for a percentage of the advertising spend.

Most of these businesses know what they spend on PPC, but do not know what their ROI is. Normally when we speak to these business owners they don’t believe they are getting a good ROI for their spend, but they are often afraid to stop the advertising just in case that it is bringing in leads they don’t know about. If you don’t have Conversion Tracking on your Ads and know what you ROI is, you need to stop your ads and update your advertising strategy.

A few years ago, Google (and maybe Bing) was the only game in town. The main decision was what keywords to use, and how much to spend every day.  Today, things are DIFFERENT.  You now have PPC on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram, Pinterest, and more channels like Reddit.  There have also been major shifts in PPC technology like Remarketing, Ad Targeting,  and Custom Audiences.  You need a strategy to put your ad in front of the right people at the right time.

Here are some of the top mistakes being made in PPC campaigns:

  • Not having a Call To Action (CTA) in the Advertisement
  • Not having ads that are Mobile Ready
  • Not using ReMarketing Ads
  • Not Split Testing ads
  • Not using Ad Extensions
  • Not using Location Targeting
  • Not using Negative Keywords
  • Not having a way to capture leads when they come to your website
  • Not using a Custom Landing Page for your ads (please don’t send the ad to your home page)
  • Not using Conversion Tracking
  • Not Recording Calls and doing Call Tracking - (Critical for Determining Lead Quality)
  • Not tracking your Landing Page and Keyword Quality Score

There are a 100 moving parts in a successful PPC campaign, and if you don’t have the expertise to take advantage of the best technology and PPC strategies, then you’re spending more on your PPC than you should.

But I have a PPC company running my ads, don’t they do all this?

Yes and No.  You can be sure that Proctor and Gamble are using all the above, but most SMBs don’t have dedicated people running their campaigns.  They paid a company to setup and run their ads. You may have a GREAT company with a GREAT track record, but here is what we find is the case for most:

A company called you and said they could help you with your PPC ads, and they had a great sales pitch.  When you signed up they spent about 10 minutes looking at your AdWords account and told you they could really improve your ads.  

Then they did the following:

  • They added a bunch of new keywords to your campaign so your ad would show more often.
  • They added a lot of keyword modifiers like [brackets]  “quotes”, plus symbols, etc. to your keywords.
  • They added punctuation to your ads so they would look better on tablets and mobile devices.
  • They setup some negative keywords (MAYBE).
  • They created several versions of your ads and set them to rotate.
  • They setup bid modifiers to change your bids based on time of day and mobile devices.
  • Then they turned the ads on.

Next, they set you up in their automated bidding and reporting software and showed you how many more visits you were getting to your website because of all the great work they did. This is all well and good, but just because you got more clicks, did you also get more customers?

Your ad spend went up because they were showing your ads to a lot more people, and since they get paid a percentage of the ad spend, they want you to spend as much as you can, and they probably have a monthly fee for their service.  However, wasted clicks from putting your ads in front of the wrong person is the biggest mistake that most advertisers can make. You don’t want to show your ads to everyone, you want to show your ads to your NICHE.  

That’s what Niche.Builders does.


PPC Advertising the Niche.Builders Way

At Niche.Builders, we know that showing your ad to the wrong person is a waste of money.  Plus, Google rewards you for the CTR or Click-Through Rate,  which measures how often your ad is clicked on when it is shown.  If your ad is shown 1000 times and gets 5 clicks, and your competitor’s ad is shown just 100 times and gets 5 clicks, Google will reward your competitor and place his ad above yours (even if he is paying less per click).  We understand this and will set your campaign up to help you dominate your market.

Here are some of the things we do differently than most companies that will pay you big dividends and increase your advertising ROI.

  • Get to know your business – We will visit your website, your Facebook page, read your Customer Reviews, and interview YOU in detail to get a good understanding of your perfect customer.  Having a good understanding of your NICHE is the most important foundation of your advertising strategy.
  • Write New Ads with a CTA – We will review and keep your best performing ads, and we will also create new ads that feature question, benefit, and a call-to-action. (These are considered the best performing type of ads.)
  • Split Test your Ads  – Whether you have 1 ad group or a 100, we will have multiple ads (for each) running. Then, every month we will keep the ad that performed the best, and replace the other ad with a new one.  This way, we will create top performing ads that get the best results.
  • Monitor for Negative Keywords – When someone does a search and your ad shows to the wrong person, it means your keywords need to be tweaked.  Each week we will look at the 'search terms report' to see what exact phrase people typed to bring in your clicks.  There are always keywords that don’t make sense and waste your money.  For example one of our clients had the keyword ‘Vitamin’ but we noticed that their ads were showing when someone searched for “PS Vita”  (which is a portable game station).  Someone searching for a gaming device is not looking for vitamins, so this was not only showing the ads to the wrong audience, it  also created expensive, unwanted clicks.  By monitoring this activity, we knew we needed to add “PS Vita” as a negative keyword. 
  • Discuss Social Media Advertising – People spend all day on their social media channels, and this is a great place to advertise. Social media channels know “A LOT” about each user.  When you advertise on social media, the ROI is won or lost in the targeting.  You can target gender, location, income level, marital status, and even specific interests within these groups.  We will discuss which social media channel would be a good fit for your advertising.
  • Remarketing – Not everyone that visits your website buys on their first visit.  Using Remarketing, we can place a “cookie” on their computer and continue to show your ads to them while they are visiting other sites or on their social media.  This is a BIG win for advertisers with the best CTR and ROI of any marketing channel. If you are not taking advantage of Remarketing, you should. We can setup the tracking pixels on your site and also design the customized ads to be shown all over the web.
  • Custom Audiences – Google, Facebook, and Twitter will let you upload your mailing list and it will match them up with their respective social media account. This allows you to show your ad to these people, even though they have not been to your site.  We think this is super cool, and a great way to get in front of your best customers. 
  • Custom Landing Pages –  if you will use this strategy, this is another big win.  When you send PPC to your home page, there are usually dozens of options to distract them.  It’s much better to design a custom landing page that matches your advertisement and has a single CTA (call-to-action) on it.  We design and host these pages for you, so we don’t need to redo your website to take advantage of this technology.  Plus we have conversion tracking installed on every landing page we create, so you can see exactly how many of your clicks turned into leads, calls, or customers.

Does this start to give you a feeling of how much better your PPC can perform if you have someone with both the expertise AND also understands your Niche?

That’s Niche.Builders.  Let us help maximize your ROI on your PPC campaigns.

To see how we can help you with your PPC Marketing, schedule a Digital MRI.

We will have one of our Adwords Certified Professionals with 10+ years experience manually analyze your AdWords account and come up with recomendations on how you can get more customers for your marketing dollar.Even if you don’t hire us to help you with your Marketing, what you learn from us in the interview will provide you with amazing value.  Yes, we’re that good.