Gold Sales Funnel


Why waste money driving traffic to your website, when you can use Niche Builders Gold Sales Funnel to go where the traffic is. The Gold Sales Funnel takes your best offer and puts it in front of 1000s of potential buyers using geo-targeting. This generates high quality leads and also results in lower lead generation costs as shown in our real time dashboard.



Geo-targeting is our way of creating a fence around your businesses service area so we can showcase your ads to your potential customers.

  • Geo-targeting multiplies your return of investment compared to other form of advertising
  • Target one or multiple geographical areas. Ex. Address, Zip Code, City.
  • Target does not have to center around your place of business.



Niche Builders will run simultaneous geo-targeted campaign offers for you.

Promoting special events or sales through different Ad networks is the most cost effective way to attract your ideal customers.

  • Ads are created and approved for you.
  • Landing pages are designed and hosted for you.
  • Call tracking and Email setup is done for you.

Customer acquisition costs are lower with our GOLD Sales Funnel as it helps to determine and define who your prospects are for each campaign.

  • Matching audience demographics with your business offer.
  • Leads are delivered in real time via email or SMS.
  • Delivers a steady flow of new leads to your business.

Our interactive real time dashboard allows for complete transparency, accountability for advertising dollars spent and leads being generated from all your campaigns.

  • Adjust money spent based on performance.
  • Expand market of top performing ads.
  • Pause poor performing ads.