PPC and the Role of Negative Keywords

Do you need to add negative keywords to your Pay-Per-Click management campaign? Unless you have an unlimited budget, want uninterested traffic, and don’t care about your analytics, you need to add negative keywords. In fact, if you attract too much traffic from people who are searching for something other than what you offer, you may end up with frustrated reviewers who believe you are doing false advertising. This is unlikely, of course, but it is better to be as straightforward as possible.

Reduce Traffic

Negative keywords can have a great positive effect on your Pay-Per-Click management campaign. To include negative keywords, think of words or phrases that people may find that is similar to what you sell or produce but is not what you sell or produce. For example, if you are selling light fixtures, but people keep coming to your site looking for light bulbs, you are wasting your clicks and their time. By adding the negative keyword of “light bulb," you will eliminate clicks from people who are looking for a different product. However, you don't want to add “light” by itself as you would stop people from looking for “light fixtures."

In what other ways can negative keywords help your Pay-Per-Click management?

Reduce Cost

You can reduce your costs by eliminating bad keywords. If people are no longer clicking on your ads when they are looking for something else, you will be saving money. Also, you will be better targeting your ideal customers.

Return on Investment (ROI)

To continue with the previous topic of targeting your ideal customer, you will also increase your ROI. If you sell a product that is $100, and one click only costs your business $5, you've seen an ROI of $95 if the viewer ends up buying your product. In essence, when each of the people who click on your ad is looking for your exact product, you will see a better ROI.

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