Why You Aren't Getting the Results You Want from Google Analytics

When operating a business, it is essential to know what potential customers are doing online. With Google Analytics, you can monitor users' actions on your website. Google Analytics is easy to implement. Also, Google Analytics provides you with easy-to-understand reports. Lastly, Google Analytics is free. However, the downside to standard Google Analytics is that it reports page views and not specific events, which can lead to incomplete data.

What do you do if you want more data regarding the people who view your site? You can implement custom event tracking to analyze additional information. With custom event tracking, you can differentiate between new visitors and returning visitors. Additionally, with custom event tracking, you can analyze how your visitors access your site. Do they use a computer? Or a mobile device? Custom tracking doesn't have to stop there. You can also get information regarding age, gender, or other factors that you would like to explore.

Not only that, but you can also track the length of time that people look at a specific portion of your website. Knowing how long people look at a specific webpage can tell you what pages are working and what leads to your conversions.

After your Google Analytics has been customized, the aspects you need to pay attention to are bounce rates, exit pages, user devices, and results from promotions.

Bounce Rates

The first thing that you need to review if you are not getting the results you desire from Google Analytics is your bounce rate. If people are only staying on your site for a couple of seconds, there is something wrong. Consider what your prospective customers are finding unattractive about your site. Is it the images? Content? Products? Identify some aspects that need to be improved and restart the process.

Exit Pages

In addition to bounce rates, the second thing that you need to monitor is exit pages. From which pages are people opting out of your site? If there are specific pages that people are leaving your site from, analyze the setup of your page. If it is at the end of a sale, you’re good. If everyone bounces from your sales page as soon as they click on it, then there is something wrong with your sale’s copy.

User Devices

The third thing that you need to evaluate if you are not getting the Google Analytics that you desire is what devices people are using. When people view your site, are they using a mobile device or a computer? If people are using mobile devices and your site is not optimized for their device, then that could be the reason for your quick bounce rates. People are not going to stick around if they aren’t able to view your material. Therefore, it is time to update your site to be more mobile-friendly.

The last thing that you need to review if your Google Analytics isn't getting you the results you want is your promotions. When you prepare a promotion, are you getting good results? If yes, then implement more varieties of those advertisements. Or, retarget those people with new promotions or more expensive products for an upsell. If your promotions are falling flat, then you need to analyze what is going wrong with them and try a new strategy.

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