What You Don’t Know about PPC Advertising

Many businesses believe that PPC advertising is too expensive to use. Don't be one of them! PPC advertising can be used by any business to increase web traffic. Through increased web traffic, businesses should see higher conversion rates. PPC advertising can be an economical form of advertising. It is possible to pay only what you can reasonably afford and still get results.

Well-Known Benefits of PPC Advertising

People who are familiar with PPC advertising likely already know the most significant benefits. For example, you are only paying for the people who click on your advertisements. This is obviously cheaper than paying for everyone who scrolls past your ad. Furthermore, you can narrow your target audience and only pay for those people who complete a specific action on your website.

Another significant benefit of PPC advertising is the analytical component. You can research just about any topic you would like regarding your customers with a PCC advertising campaign. For example, you can identify where your traffic is coming from. Not only can you determine what country your users are in, but you can also identify which devices your users are on.

You can also research pages that potential customers click on versus those pages that result in clicking out of your site. With those well-known facts about PPC out of the way, what are some of the lesser-known aspects of PPC advertising? We'll take a few moments to familiarize you with the importance of phone numbers, call tracking, and re-marketing. While they are less known, they continue to be valuable components of a successful PPC campaign.

Phone Numbers

Many people who see your ad on Google or another search engine will click on it to see what you are all about. If they are interested, they will follow your ad to your website and make purchases from there. However, there is a significant percentage of people who want to talk to a person before purchasing anything. They want to ask questions, verify that your business is legitimate, and discuss available options. Your phone number needs to be displayed in your ad, or you will lose customers.

Call Tracking

In addition to displaying your phone number in your ad, you need call tracking. By adding call tracking to your analytics, you can monitor who comes to your business through phone calls. By only tracking web traffic conversions, you are not getting the whole picture of how profitable your ad campaign is doing. You are missing out on all the people who click on your ad and then call your business.


The first time customers see your brand, they generally will not be ready to purchase your products. They need to become comfortable with your expertise and trust the value you bring. Don't forget to remarket to those who have previously visited your site. You apparently had something that interested them in the first place, or they wouldn't have clicked on your site. Get them there again. The next time they see your website, they might be ready to purchase.

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