The Importance of Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Should you market to the masses or identify your ideal client? Your instinct might tell you to market to as many people as possible and hope you catch a few clients on the way. Unfortunately, the “net” approach is an ineffective marketing strategy. When you market to everyone, you are marketing to no one.

If you market to the masses, you may get a few customers. However, these customers will likely not be the right clients for you. You will have to fit your product or service to work for each client's needs or provide a generic service. Providing a generic service may seem like a good idea from your perspective because you won't have to put out any additional work, but a generic service is bad for your customers. They must put in the extra work to make the product work for them. If they don’t put in the extra work, they must settle for a mediocre product. On the other hand, if you decide to satisfy each client by modifying your product, you will have happy customers. Unfortunately, you will be burned out from working tirelessly to make people happy. If this you, what can you do? Niche down.

Identify Your Ideal Client

By identifying your ideal clients and providing a service that will fix their problem, you will both be happy. You won't have to work harder, and your clients will have a problem solved.

Market to Your Ideal Client

Once you have your ideal clients identified and a product to fix their exact problem, you need to find more people who fit your criteria. One way to find more of the same clients is by analyzing your current ideal clients. Where do they hang out? What’s the best marketing strategy for your ideal client’s gender, age, and socioeconomic status? If your ideal clients are middle-aged businessmen, then advertising on Pinterest is not a sound marketing plan. LinkedIn would be a better choice.

Reputation Management

If you consistently solve problems for your ideal clients, they will be thankful. You need to take advantage of this goodwill to gather testimonials and positive reviews of your product or service. Potential new customers will look to the internet before they purchase to determine if you are a good fit for them. Additionally, satisfying your current client, you can gain new clients through word-of-mouth. If one of your clients hears of someone else struggling, he or she will sing your praises and get you more clients.

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By identifying your ideal client for your product or service, your job will be easier and more rewarding. Your clients will be satisfied, and you won’t be exhausted from trying to make everyone happy. It’s okay that everyone is not your customer. Actually, it’s great!

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