Facebook PPC vs. Google PPC: Know the Difference

PPC (or pay-per-click) has become a prevalent term in today's digital world. For many businesses, PPC is one of the ways they gain customers and increase profit, so it is extremely valuable. Facebook utilizes PPC in their sidebar ads, as does Google, but what are the differences between these two sites? In this article, you will learn about Facebook PPC vs. Google PPC, and the differences between them.

User Intent

One of the most significant differences between Facebook PPC and Google PPC is based on user intent. Google AdWords targets users who type into the Google search box. Essentially, Google PPC uses keywords that most people will type when looking for that type of service to find a company, whereas Facebook PPC is a little more personal. Facebook's ads are spread out throughout the newsfeed and homepage which users see while browsing. Each ad is tailored to the types of things or products that a person likes or shows interest in online. Google's ads, while not personalized, are targeted to exactly what the user is looking for, while Facebook ads are personalized but don't know if the user will click on it.

Targeting Demographics

While both Facebook PPC and Google PPC systems can target demographics, Facebook's is more detailed. Seeing as many people who have a Facebook enter personal information onto their pages, companies have to weed through a slew of demographic information. Facebook compiles a data bank of all the important information that companies need, and its PPC system uses that to decide which ads are right for each person. They even use pages or groups people "like" to decide if they might be interested in a particular company or product. 

Number of Users

While both platforms have an immense number of users, Google wins in this arena. Google is so popular that there are more than 40,000 searches entered into Google every second. This equates to 1.2 trillion web searches every single year. These staggering numbers show that there are endless amounts of potential for new customers through Google's PPC system when using the correct keywords. 


Now you know about Facebook PPC vs. Google PPC and the differences between them. Remember that Google ads are based on intent to buy, while Facebook ads are based on something users might buy. Also, remember that Facebook's PPC system has an immense amount of demographic knowledge to target the correct customers easily. Google has a ridiculous amount of searches that can be used to your advantage as a business. Both Facebook's and Google's PPC systems have advantages over each other, but they can be used simultaneously. Many companies use both of these platforms to promote their business, and it works for them. However, if this is not what you are interested in, spend some time looking over both of these platforms and decide which one is right for your business.