Total Nutrition and Therapeutics

Client Main Contact Name: Lori Esarey

Probiotics and YouTotal Nutrition and Therapeutics was established in October of 2007 by owner and family nurse practitioner Lori Esarey, MS, ARNP-C, FAARFM, ABAAHP. The thirteen week program, to teach individuals how to change their lives through nutrition education, was developed with the help of a registered Dietician and a Family Practice Doctor. Before bringing it to market, two trial programs with six individuals per trial was executed to see if the program that was developed could be reproduced and taught. Following the success of these programs TNT began taking patients in late 2007. Since then, TNT has assisted clients as young as 8 and as old as 85. TNT is now in the process of expanding its program offering to include not only Weight/Fat Management but also Disease State Management and Sports Fitness Nutrition.