Now Health

Client Main Contact Name: Elizabeth Bidinoff

Now Health is born out of the need to change the focus of medicine from a disease based model to one based on proactive health care.  We are committed to working with each of you individually to come up with the best plan to achieve optimal health.  The foundation of our care is based on the belief that the body can heal itself given the right nutrition and care.  Using a Functional Medicine approach we will seek to find and treat the root causes of disease, while addressing your immediate concerns as well.

The philosophy of Now Health is based on the fact that we are all intertwined.  The health of each of us impacts the whole.

Learn – We are all here to learn about ourselves and our individual needs- in terms of nutrition, sleep, movement, spitirtual, emotional, and intellectual needs.

Create – Once we start to figure out what we need individually we can take steps toward creating the life we want.

Live – Living the life we want fully and in good health is the goal!

Promote –  As we develop along the way we can promote this in our families and communities.  Each of us has something to contribute to the greater good and being able to do so is the great reward!