Epic Functional Medicine Center

Client Main Contact Name: Alta Medea / Rachel Adler
Website: http://www.epicfmc.com

Epic Functional Medicine Center specializes in nutritional and natural medicine services. We can help with most conditions, including Metabolic Disorder, fatigue, hypothyroidism, Type 2 Diabetes, hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal complaints and pain.

Most people could benefit from a healthier lifestyle. Our health programs are perfect for people who are interested in anti-aging medicine, optimal health, and developing beneficial eating and exercise habits.

Our doctors and staff are trained in FirstLine Therapy, a therapeutic lifestyle change program that will provide you with the knowledge you need to make healthy lifestyle choices each day going forward. Helping you adopt a therapeutic lifestyle is the first and arguably the most important therapy doctors can use to address many chronic health problems, such as elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, altered body composition or obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, insulin resistance, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and other conditions related to aging.

At Epic Functional Medicine Center, when it comes to your health, we want to see the whole picture. That’s why we offer testing for male and female hormone levels, gastrointestinal profiles, food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicities, neurotransmitter function, and more. Laboratory testing helps us track your progress and assure that you are on the path to optimal health.

Our on-site natural pharmacy and caring staff are conveniently available to help ensure your success with our programs. When you entrust us with your health and wellness, we take that responsibility seriously by providing the best in client care and service.

For more information on programs and services at Epic Functional Medicine Center, please email info@epicfmc.com, or call our office at (319) 466 0026 and our wellness concierge will be happy to speak with you directly.