Dr Veronica

Client Main Contact Name: Veronica Anderson
Website: http://drveronica.com

The Way to Well-Being   Dr. Veronica works with clients all over the world, in person, by phone and via the Internet.  In the past 10 years, she has expanded her practice to include Alternative Medicine, Homeopathy, Business Strategizing, Technology, Health Coaching and Spiritual Healing.  Dr. Veronica is a medical doctor, wellness mentor, holistic health practitioner, functional wellness coach, national speaker, and designer of the Wellness for the REAL World Program. She is focused on addressing the strengths and challenges that impact body/mind/spirit, and that ultimately affect your overall health and well-being.  Dr. Veronica advocates natural, non-invasive programs for gaining and preserving wellness through broad lifestyle enrichment, rather than disease management through medications. Dr. Veronica believes in collaboration with the health care professionals already on your team – her programs are designed to augment your current treatment and not to replace it.

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Health Coaching – private and group or corporate wellness coaching sessions by certified health coach, Dr. Veronica Anderson.  Our coaching programs are designed to address behaviors, health risks, and illness self-management, and improve health and productivity.

Alternative Medicine – Alternative medicine means that you add into the mix other strategies besides pharmaceuticals.  It is a complementary medicine, where we utilize new strategies in addition to traditional Western medical approaches. Dr. Veronica’s approach – combining alternative medicine with traditional Western medicine – is designed to bring your body into balance and help restore health.

Homeopathy – an ancient medical practice that dates all the way back to the Greeks and Mayans. Dr. Veronica’s homeopathic solutions stimulate your immune and defense systems to ignite internal healing processes with the aid of natural medicine.

Spiritual Healing – Most physicians learn to only look at the physical and ignore everything else. Dr. Veronica addresses the spiritual and emotional problems that lead to physical illness and disrupt the healing process.

Chakra Meditation – We know that there is a connection between every physical abnormality or dysfunction and a specific chakra. Dr. Veronica begins by familiarizing you with the ways that chakra meditation concepts can accomplish physical and emotional benefits and teaches you how to concentrate on health and wellness.

Chakra Healing – learn the importance of aligning or balancing your body’s energy or chakras and the significant role that chakra healing can play in your health and spiritual well-being.

Medical Intuitive Readings – a highly organized psychic reading, focusing on your physical body and health as it relates to your emotional and spiritual state. Dr. Veronica’s MIR readings combine her intuitive abilities and skills with full traditional medical training to uncover the root causes of your illness and lead you to better health.