Advanced Pain Relief

Client Main Contact Name: Dylan Foster

Dr. Dylan Foster spent close to $1million and many years devising a proprietary system, protocols and files that provided the best, longest lasting results for people that are suffering from allergies and sensitivities.  But he also takes it further in helping you not only address your allergies and sensitivities, but more importantly, understand, address and correct the hidden things that have damaged your nervous system to begin with that have led you to develop your allergies in the first place.  Bottom line is if you don’t change your ways that caused the problems to begin with, no matter who you see and how great they are, your problems will always come right back.

Allergies are an error! The body is simply reacting inappropriately to a completely harmless substance, food or stimuli. STRESSORS are substances, foods or stimuli that place STRESS upon your nervous system when ever you are exposed to them. Many of these STRESSORS can cause symptoms of allergies and sensitivities, as well as many other health related conditions!

At Advanced Allergy Relief & Wellness Center we work towards retraining your body to accept these STRESSORS as being safe and by no longer perceiving them as a threat. We do not treat and chase the symptoms, rather we get to the core of the problem... the nervous system's inappropriate response to these STRESSORS.