Why am I not receiving email alerts?

We're sorry to hear you're not receiving your review alerts. We take email deliverability very seriously and want to make sure to resolve this quickly. There could be a few different scenarios causing this. Let’s run through them below.  

Historical Reviews
First, check to see what date the review was left. Was this review left before we set up your account? 

During the on-boarding process, our system does an initial scan to pull in some of your historical data. We don’t send email alerts for these old reviews because often times there so many that your inbox would unfriend us. So, if the review in question was a historical review, we wouldn’t have sent an email alert. However, you should receive email alerts going forward for any new reviews you receive. 

New Reviews
If this review was posted after our historical scan, let's follow these steps to make sure your notifications are setup correctly.

Check to make sure your email address is correct. 

Check with your Account to make sure they've enabled your alerts. 

Check with your email server/provider to make sure Niche.Builders email address is "white listed."
Our email notifications contain the entire review within the body of the email. It's possible that the review contained words that your email server considered spam and blocked us. Please ask your email provider to "white list" the email address - reviews@reviewmgr.com 

Once you've done that, please reach out to support@niche.builders so that we can make sure to clear you from our unsubscribed/blocked list. 

If none of these troubleshooting steps have resolved the missing review alerts or you have questions, please email support@niche.builders and we'll be happy to help!

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