What type of Facebook page can ReviewTrackers monitor?

At this time, the only type of Facebook page that can enable reviews (and that Niche.Builders can monitor) is a local business page

If your Facebook page is set up as a personal or brand page, you won’t have the option to enable reviews. 

It’s easy to change the category of your page if you’d like start collecting Facebook reviews.

Click here for a facebook help center article on how to change your category. (Jim, link to FB FAQ about this topic)

Also, if you have multiple locations, be sure that each has its own local business page. They will need to be tracked separately.

Note: We've found that Facebook has begun creating local pages for businesses that don't have one and will eventually do it for all businesses. We highly recommend that you you take control and create your own local business page now instead of having Facebook do it for you. 

If you’re ready to start tracking your Facebook reviews, send over the URL of your local business page to support@niche.builders and we’ll be happy to add it in!

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