Pay-Per-Click Management

So, you saw your Digital MRI and went “Oh My God” and hired us to make your PPC Rock. Now, what happens next?

Pay Per Click Management is a big job, and there are lots of things that will happen to get your account setup and performing to deliver you the most new customers and the best ROI.

Once we process your payment, account setup will begin. This is the most time intensive process and requires hundreds of steps. This is the reason that we change a one-time setup fee. Most of the setup will occur during the first week and will occur before your account is turned on. This includes keyword research, ad copy creation, location setup, ad extension setup, mobile optimization, call tracking and records, report setup, and 100s of other steps. If your account is already running, we will leave your account running in its current state during the setup process, and then switch over to your new campaign once everything is setup and approved by you.

Your account will normally be setup in 7 to 10 days at which time we will schedule a review with you to have your look over the ads, keywords, landing pages, etc. We will also make sure we have the reports setup, and you have access to your call recordings and online reporting dashboard.

Once this is complete your campaign goes LIVE.

During the first month, we have a “ramp up” process where we make continuous adjustments to get the campaign running well. We will monitor clicks, traffic, CTRs, conversions, and even listen to calls that are coming in to make sure we are delivering quality leads and customers to you.

Once we have your campaign setup and running properly, then we being the ongoing optimization process, this includes regular maintenance like adding negative keywords and changing keyword modifiers, and seeing how your ads and bids are performing against your competitors. We will also begin to split test ads, research new keywords, and constantly make small changes to your account to have it perform optimally.

Pay per click is NOT SET IT AND FORGET IT. Even though this is the strategy often used on PPC campaigns (especially ones done in house), you really want to have your account adjusted and optimized on a continuous basis.

We are great a getting PPC results, especially in our chosen “Niches”, and we can just about guarantee to always outperform your current setup. Start with a Digital MRI and let’s see what Niche Builders can do for you.

The outline below will show a high-level timeline of what to expect over the first 12 months of your PPC campaign. Please keep in mind that even though the campaign will perform very quickly, it takes about 90 days for your campaign to really be optimized, so don’t quit before you reap the benefit.


I've Signed Up for PPC Management! What Happens in the Next 12 Months (& Beyond)?
From PPC Campaign Setup through Monthly Optimization - Timelines, Action Items & Descriptions
Action Begin Day End Day Description
Subscription Payment Processed 0 1 Internal Project Management Tool Setups & Strategy Development
PPC Campaign SetUp 2 8 PPC Campaign Setup Process includes:
  • Link Into or Establish New Customer PPC Accounts
  • Keyword/Audience Research, Selection & Groupings
  • Ad Copy Creation & Implementation
  • Campaign Settings & Algorithms Installed
  • Special Campaigns Created (e.g. PLAs, Remarketing)
  • PPC Call Tracking Phone Numbers Procured & Implemented
  • Dashboard SetUp& Automated Reports Scheduled
PPC Campaign QC 9 10 Review Keywords, Ad Copy & Settings to Ensure Quality Standards are being Met & Strategy is being Implemented according to Plan.
PPC Campaign Launch 10 10 PPC Campaign Goes "Live"
RampUp Process 11 30 Monitor & adjust as necessary to help ensure that click volumes are on track, within budgets, has appropriate geo-targeting, schedules/channels are accurate, and ad copy is on message.
PPC Management & Optimization 1 31 60 Monthly optimization and PPC management tactics include:
  • Analyze ad copy A/B split tests, find winning control & create new test ads.
  • Analyze search query data, identify negative keywords and add them.
  • Review keyword performance data and add/delete/change keywords.
  • Adjust bids to help ensure ads are positioned toward the top of search results.
  • Review ad extensions within the campaign and add/delete/adjust accordingly.
  • Analyze geo-targeting and dimensional data to ensure traffic is within target area.
  • Compare data to identify seasonality trends and make necessary adjustments.
  • Review, create & adjust special campaigns (e.g. Remarketing, Product Listing Ads).
  • Cross check vs. Google Analytics and address high bounce rates / low times on site.
  • Review new AdWords features and implement any for customers' benefit.
PPC Management & Optimization 2 61 90
PPC Management & Optimization 3 91 120
PPC Management & Optimization 4 121 150
PPC Management & Optimization 5 151 180
PPC Management & Optimization 6 181 210
PPC Management & Optimization 7 211 240
PPC Management & Optimization 8 241 270
PPC Management & Optimization 9 271 300
PPC Management & Optimization 10 301 330
PPC Management & Optimization 11 331 360