Waller Wellness Center

Client Main Contact Name: Catherine Waller
Website: http://www.wallerwellness.com

What are your concerns and current health goals? At the Waller Wellness Center we have only one mission-to help you reach your health-related goals. That may involve finding the cause of a symptom or illness and treating it, or it may mean helping you optimize your health in order to slow down and/or reverse the aging process.

In today’s world of integrative medicine there is an ever expanding list of options available to you, and it can get quite confusing. Our goal is to help guide you through the “maze” of possibilities, to find the therapies that are right for you.

Your health and wellness are precious. It’s important that you put your trust in those medical practitioners that have the most expertise and training in both alternative and conventional therapies. Many conventional medical practitioners are “trying their hand” at some alternative medicine practices, but haven’t had adequate training. Make sure that the physician you choose is Board Certified and Fellowship trained in Anti-aging and Functional Medicine.

Dr. Catherine Waller, MD combines traditional medicine with science-based complementary medicine, to create the best of both worlds. The Center offers services to provide a truly comprehensive and holistic approach to healthcare.