Thistlewood Manor & Gardens

Client Main Contact Name: Tricia Kurtz

For many years I have loved making my guests feel special with beautiful, comfortable surroundings, and delicious food. Thistlewood Manor was built out of this love. While we have been planning and dreaming of something towards this end for many years, when the time was right, God made everything come together to create this incredible place. The focus has always been on sharing our hospitality with others and making special events.

These last couple of years have been rewarding and exciting, and at the same time, very challenging, while we have been building this venture. Yet each time we view the extreme joy and happiness on the faces of our brides and grooms, all else fades into the back ground as we are reminded – this is what it is all about: the joy of two people in love coming together as one.

We believe that a wedding is a wonderful event created by God, which involves not only a special couple, but also the families and friends as they come alongside to support them in their new venture. Jesus even performed His first miracle at a wedding – to keep the celebration going! On this memorable day of two becoming one, new families and friendships are being created. It should be special!