Innovative Health Care

Client Main Contact Name: Franklin Anding

The management team of Innovative Health Care has been servicing both group and individual health insurance clients for the past 22 years.  Until recently, our process of providing the best coverage for the right price was relatively simple.  Shop five major companies, compare benefits and cost, and make a recommendation to the client.  Our jobs became much more difficult with the advent of Health Care Reform. The cost of insurance has gone through the roof, benefits are fewer, and the government is constantly forcing changes by the insurance carriers and providers.  Wellness and prevention are now the buzz words of an industry formerly concerned with illness.

Innovative Health Care kept pace with the insurance industry.  We are able to create customized and comprehensive policy solutions selected from a large number of A-rated major medical insurance carriers, secondary service organizations, and wellness innovators, to give you what you or your company needs for equal or less than what you are presently spending.