Incredible Health, LLC

Client Main Contact Name: Heather Harrison

Incredible Health, LLC is an anti-aging and wellness clinic in the Scottsdale area dedicated to improving the  current health of our clients, trying to prevent age related disease (such as diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, weight gain) and improving our quality of life as we age. 

Incredible Health utilizes a multi-step process including initial consultation, labwork, a comprehensive medical evaluation, and developing a personalized treatment program to optimize our clients’ health.  Follow up visits allow clients to continue to enjoy the benefits of regenerative health. 

Restoring your body’s hormone balance can help improve problems we face in aging like lack of restorative sleep, decreased energy, decreased libido, lack of focus and restoring your previous youthful attitude.

Incredible Health, LLC is committed to helping each client achieve their best possible state of health.  Our approach uses recommendations in bio-identical hormone restoration, nutrition, education, exercise, supplements, traditional prescriptions and stress management.  Ultimately, we are health consultants making recommendations with the client making the final decisions on which recommendations to implement.  Your circle of family and friends depend upon you to stay healthy & strong so that you can be truly present in their lives.