Grand Parkway Emergency Room at Oakbend Medical Building

Client Main Contact Name: Milan Nguyen

The mission of Grand Parkway Emergency Room is to bring top-quality, concierge-level emergency care to all of our patients. Our waiting room is designed with patient comfort in mind and emulates the ambiance of a comfortable private practice setting. Patients are evaluated within minutes of entering our facility by experienced emergency room physicians. Grand Parkway ER knows that the minutes count during an emergency and our patients can count on us for fast, efficient, quality treatment.

Grand Parkway ER uses state-of-the-art equipment and performs laboratory testing, imaging, and other diagnostics in an upscale clinical environment, free of the inconveniences often associated with hospital-based settings. Our testing and diagnostic services include CT scans, bedside emergency ultrasound, digital radiology, digital X-ray technology, and a full clinical laboratory.

Best of all, your results are usually available very quickly, typically read by one of our radiologists within minutes. Our on-site laboratory also processes complete blood counts, urinalysis, cardiac enzymes, electrolyte/metabolic panels, and other emergency department tests. We are also experienced in electrocardiogram testing and analysis.

Grand Parkway ER is staffed by board-certified emergency room physicians, experienced nurses, diligent CT and X-ray technicians, high quality EMT technicians, and a courteous front office staff. This dedicated team of professionals will treat you with compassion as they deliver prompt, effective medical care. Our doctors are also careful to ensure that patients have the opportunity to ask any questions prior to discharge and to fully understand their course of treatment. For your convenience, Grand Parkway ER is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

From the moment you enter Grand Parkway Emergency Room until the moment you leave, you will notice the difference that concierge-level emergency care makes. Our friendly, polite staff will greet you right away. You will then benefit from a calming patient experience that takes the anxiety out of a doctor’s visit. We carefully designed a pleasant environment that incorporates comfortable furniture, calming colors, and visually pleasing artwork.