Cole Optimal Health Solutions

Client Main Contact Name: Elizabeth Bidinoff

Dr. Jill Cole is passionately devoted to supporting, educating and coaching individuals, families and communities in achieving optimal health and wellness, at any age. Her pragmatic approach is to resolve the underlying disease process through safe, gentle, natural therapeutics and lifestyle changes based on easily comprehensible principles that will facilitate your body’s innate ability to heal.  She strives to give people the most valuable experience possible, with a sound education and provides the tools necessary to make life-long, conscious, empowered decisions.  She guides and facilitates others in refocusing their efforts for rousing success without being complicated, difficult or having to turn their lives upside down to do it.

Dr. Cole is a naturopathic physician and expert in natural medicine.  She received her doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and has practiced medicine in California and Arizona.  Originally from Massachusetts, she has experience and a thorough understanding in both conventional and naturopathic medicine, clinical nutritional, endocrinology, functional medicine, sports medicine and fitness, giving her a unique ability to facilitate radical changes in one’s health and life.

Dr. Cole and her kidsShe is the mother of two amazing children who are her personal “WHY” for staying healthy and practicing what she preaches. Dr. Cole’s motivation is to help everyone have the energy, support, focus and motivation to achieve optimal wellness and to also be a model for her children to grow up and lead healthy, happy, productive and inspired lives of love, purpose and service.