Paid Search & PPC

Niche should just tell me what I need to spend for my campaign.

Paid search advertising gives you the ultimate flexibility of spending exactly what you want on your advertising each day, or each month. But just choosing an amount to spend is not enough. There are really two ways to approach the budget issue. The first is to establish a fixed budget, and our goal is to maximize results given your budget constraint. The second option is to set an ideal cost-per-conversion and maximize your conversions (i.e. spend as much money as you are able to) given that set constraint.

I know the most important keywords already; I don’t need this “keyword research.”

While it is easy to identify a handful of the most obvious keywords related to your products or services, they compose just a fraction of the total keywords that will drive high-quality traffic to your website. Niche can identify the hundreds or even thousands of variations of your primary keywords that can, in turn, send extremely valuable, high-converting traffic to your site. Some data suggests that as many as 25% of searches each month have never been searched in Google before!

My campaign works already; what more can Niche do?

There are numerous ways that Niche can make existing campaigns run better, such as expanding keyword lists and match type variations, experimenting with ad copy, improving account structure, testing landing pages, bidding more effectively, engaging negative keywords, and more. Niche Builders is also privy to beta features in AdWords and Bing that aren’t yet available to the general public. We approach every campaign with a broad range of tools at our disposal, identify the areas with the highest degree of need, and begin our search for greater ROI.

I tried, and this paid search stuff doesn’t work. What can you guys do differently?

Years ago, it was a snap to run paid search campaigns because the marketplace was so new that even inefficient campaigns could still generate exceptional returns. Today, it can be very difficult, requiring a thorough understanding of the complexities of the paid search landscape to succeed. Since the inception of paid search, Niche has developed the tools, gained the experience, and built the technology necessary to run massive and highly efficient search campaigns. In such a cutthroat environment, Niche leverages these assets to give you a competitive advantage.

What does Niche.Builders do that I can’t do myself?

Niche’s managers dedicate themselves entirely to the discipline of customer acquisition. Our thorough understanding of all aspects of the Google AdWords and Bing Ads platforms, our proprietary reporting platform, and our longstanding relationship with the Google and Bing agency teams give our clients a big leg up on the competition. Proper account management and optimization is a full-time job – and not one you should take on alone.

What reporting does Niche.Builders offer?

Niche provides completely custom reporting based on your business’s needs. Our reports summarize campaign activity as well as detail exactly how your budget was invested across your accounts. This includes impressions, clicks, cost-per-click, conversions, cost-per-conversion, ROI, revenue generated, and more (all if applicable).

Can I change my budget? Can I add products or services?

Absolutely! Your budget is entirely fluid and can be adjusted by your account executive with a simple email. If you work with a catalog of products or services, we will want to build a paid search campaign that parallels this catalog and is constantly updated to reflect changes in pricing, features, and/or inventory. Niche is happy to work out individual arrangements with clients to ensure that product and service listings are kept up to date.