Digital MRI Review

The first step in understanding how your PPC can perform better is for you to order a 12 point Digital MRI from Niche Builders. This is an exhaustive evaluation of our PPC campaign done by a Google Certified Professional with over 10 years experience. This is not merely an automated report that spits out a score and some suggestions, this is a look at the most common mistakes made by individuals and companies with their PPC campaigns.

Here are the 12 top level areas we look at, and why these are important for you.

1. Ad Coverage Analysis - Is your budget running out before the day runs out?
Most people set a monthly budget for their PPC advertising, which usually gets setup as a daily budget. So if you want to spend $1000 a month, you may have a $33 a day budget. Quite often we se companies that use their entire daily budget in the first few hours of the day which means their ads are not running a majority of the time they are open and can handle new calls and leads. At Niche Builders, we want you ads to be running all day.

2. Search Term Analysis - What are people REALLY typing that see your ads?
Most people understand Keywords and load ones that they thing will bring them their ideal customers, but there are many ways that these keywords can trigger your ads. For example, if you use the word "emergency care" in your ad, when someone types "pet emergency care" your ad will show up, and they may not be your ideal customer at all. Getting the right clicks is more important than getting clicks, so we will analyze WHAT exactly are people typing that generated your clicks. Many people are amazed that sometimes over 75% of the clicks they are generating are not for the services they are offering.

3. Location Targeting Analysis - How far will people drive to be treated at your facility?
When a company decides to up the PPC budget, one of the first things they tend to do is to increase the location that your ads are shown. We take a look at the difference between where yoru ads are shown, and where your customers (or conversions) are coming from. It does not do any good to advertise outside your market, this analysis will show you how you can take money already spending and get more customers by attracting the right people.

4. Landing Page Analysis - Does your advertising direct people to a high-converting landing page, or to your website?
If you are just sending your PPC visitors to your website, you are probably missing many leads. You should almost always be using a high converting landing page.

5. Call Tracking Analysis - Do you record all calls with a HIPPA compliant system so you can judge how many of your calls become patients?
We look to see if you are using your Main Company number in your ads, or a call tracking number that records calls. Knowing what call is generated by which keyword and ad is imperative to getting the best quality calls and new customers.

6. Negative Keyword Analysis - Did you know that preventing the wrong people from seeing your ad is more important than getting the right people?
Much of the waste in PPC campaigns is from showing your ad to the wrong people. A good look at your negative keywords will show us if you're eliminating the traffic that you should be.

7. Ad Extension Analysis - Are you taking advantage of all the ad extensions (location, call, site link, etc.) to get new patients?
Most people understand call extensions and have their phone number shown on the ads, but Google has many ad extensions for location, site links, text ads, and more. We want to make sure you are using all the techniques possible to make your ads perform at their best.

8. Impression Share Analysis - What is the % of times your ads are showing up in the search results?
Impression share is how often your ads are shown when people click your keywords. We like to see this at 80% or higher, but many things can prevent this, such as running through your budget quickly, competition, being outbid in the auction. This is also a good indicator on when you can get more clicks in your market by increasing your budget.

9. Google Analytics Analysis - Is your AdWords account linked with GA for a deeper level of understanding the data?
When we see an ad account that is not linked to an analytics account, then we know the we have a campaign that is not using all the tools necessary to get insights into what's really happening on your account. We have analytics experts on our team that can use the data from Adwords and Analytics to help your campaign work it's best.

10. Click-Through-Rate (CTR) Analysis - Are you using ad-copy that gets above a 1% CTR which is rewarded by Google?
If you have a high CTR Google will show your ads more and for less, this is a key number you need to watch, and we will see how you are doing as a whole, and on your individual ads

11. Device Targeting Analysis - Do you know what percentage of calls come from desktop vs mobile?
We find every industry has different device types that their audience uses. For example, for Emergency Care, over 90% of the patients will come from mobile devices. We make sure your campaign is optimized to use the type of devices and if you are modifying your bidding to take advantage of this customer behavior.

12. Search Channel Analysis - Are you running ads on the Display Network and through Google Search Partners
When you advertise of Google, you may or may not be advertising on their Partner networks. We look at the conversions coming from these other networks, and let you know if your budget is being used wisely.

Regardless of whether you have a PPC company running your campaigns or are doing it in house. You should Order a Digital MRI and see how you campaign is performing. It only takes a few days, and its a great education even if you don't use our awesome PPC services.