Why You Should Use Google Analytics

There are plenty of analytics tools around, so why should you use Google Analytics? What sets it apart from other programs? There are plenty of reasons to take advantage of this free service, but we’ve outlined the top three.

Google Analytics Gives You a Mirror

The first and most important benefit of Google Analytics is the range of rudimentary BI services it provides. You gain an overview of pretty much all the major data you need to assess your current website and web marketing strategies. Analytics for referrals, organic searches, and social connections give users detailed information about how visitors reach the site. Behavior and conversion details provide insight into where your sales' funnel may be leaking and which acquisition models pair with the highest conversion rates. Primarily, Google Analytics takes out a lot of guesswork for users developing new marketing strategies, tweaking web design, or doing anything else to improve sales.

You Get Insights from Google Itself

Business Intelligence tools are everywhere, and most of them have a lot to offer. However, only Google Analytics gives you insights directly from Google itself. Google is the web's most popular search engine. SEO techniques usually highlight Google's preferences for that very reason. However, Google is much more than just a search engine. It's an internet powerhouse. It controls YouTube, one of the biggest online video platforms, and it offers services ranging from step-by-step directions with a map to personal and professional email services.

Google's size gives Google Analytics users two distinct advantages. First of all, users can rest assured that their analytics program has the necessary scope to give them detailed, accurate information. The second benefit is that users see what Google sees. Even though Google developers probably don't use these exact tools themselves, Google Analytics came from Google's developers. The people responsible for one of the most successful internet-based companies in history created a product that helps people improve traffic and conversions. It's safe to assume they know what they're doing.

It’s Free

Although there are enterprise versions of Google Analytics, the most popular version of the software is free. That's a lot of earnings potential, and there is no cost outside of the time it takes to use the software. Businesses looking to gain a competitive edge gain access to pretty good analytics services from one of the most successful internet-based businesses in history without needing an initial investment. Anyone can benefit from this software. It doesn't matter how small your business is or what unique financial challenges you face. When you're ready to improve traffic and conversions, the tools are available and waiting.

Google Analytics is excellent for users new to Business Intelligence because there is no financial risk. It's also a great, well-designed program that provides pretty detailed information on demand. Since it comes from Google, you can rest assured that the developers know what they’re making. It’s accessible, reliable, and free. The question you should ask is, why aren’t you taking advantage of Google Analytics?