Using the Niche Builders Review Widget

One of the great features of the Niche Builders Digital Marketing Platform is how much easier it makes it for you to generate reviews from your current website.  First of all, you have a review page that you can link up to that is already mobile optimized and ready for you.  Just go to Reputation Builder, then click on Reviews, then the GEAR icon.  You'll see the following screen.

When you hit the Copy URL to Clipboard Button, you'll have a link you can use to add reviews.  You can click the following link for an example.

Add a Review

This provides an easy access, and many of our customers use this page from a Kiosk in the lobby area to let their customers immediately generate reviews before they even leave the premises, looks good, and works great.

The Review Widget

But what if you want to generate reviews from your website, or any page in your current website.  We have a tool for that too, and it's called the Review Widget.  To find the Review Widget, Click on Reputation Builder, Reviews, then Widget and you'll see the screen below.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.12.26 PM

You'll see a page with two different widgets.  The First is the Review Generation Widget, and if you scroll down the page you'll see the Reviews Display Widget (shown below).

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.23.22 PM

Both of these widgets will let you adjust the colors, etc.  But the most important part of this is the Widget Code.  It is a small block of HTML that you can insert into your website that will place either (or both) of these controls on your website.

As an example, I have placed widgets on the side of this page so you can see how they work.  These can be placed on virtually any website.

For example, In WordPress, you need to add a Custom Text widget, and paste in the code, then turn the widget on for the appropriate page.   If you're using Drupal, just Add Block, and add a block with the Text Filter set to Full HTML.

You also have control of what reviews show up on your widget, and some of the best things are how they work in real life.

For example, when someone fills out a review, if it's a positive review, it gives them the opportunity to share it on their social media.  (You can share it on yours as well, but more on that later.).  However, if they leave a neutral or negative review, it thanks them for their feedback, but does not let them share it on social media, this way you get to have a preview of your reviews before they go out on the web.  How cool is that?