Tips for Creative Advertising

It can be challenging to think of new ways to reach your current customers. It can be even harder to find creative ways to attract new customers. Unless you are in a very unusual niche, you likely have some strong competition from your business competitors. It is essential to stand out and offer something different than your competitors or advertise uniquely. What new and exciting techniques can you use for advertising your business?

Know What Your Competition is Doing

To choose a unique advertising campaign, you need to know what your competition is doing. Monitor their social media sites. If they are active on Facebook, but not Pinterest, then you should consider targeting your ideal customers on Pinterest. The only time that you would not want to advertise on a different channel is if your target audience doesn’t use that channel.

Unusual Advertising Locations

Find a way to put your logo and advertising slogan on a unique or unusual product in your sales area. Billboards are conventional, so try to think outside the box of where you could showcase your logo. As a mural? On a bicycle service? Park benches?

Social Proof

Of course, social media should be on your list of advertising channels. Get photos of your customers with your products and post the photos on your social media sites. Testimonials work well too, but visual images tend to speak louder than words.


To properly advertise your business, you need to add videos to your site. People would rather watch a video than read a lengthy description of your company. It is easier for people to digest. Keep the videos short and explain a simple concept for your visitors to digest.


Again, people like to consume information visually. Develop a simple graph regarding the benefits of your product over the competition. Or, how your visitor’s life would be better with your product than without it.


The last tip for creative advertising is developing a contest. People love contests and winning free stuff. Choose something easy for people to enter, like a photo contest, video contest, voting contest, or sweepstakes. Post your contest on social media and make it easy to share with others on Facebook or other social media sites. The more people who enter your contest, the more people who may become interested in your products.

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When advertising, it is fun and exciting to try new ideas. However, don’t forget to contact your current email list subscribers. They’ve already shown an interest in your company or products.

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